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The Jerusalem Interreligious Educational Leadership Program (JELP)

Since education is the main arena in which perceptions of religion, culture and society crystallize, this program focuses on Jewish and Muslim schools in western and eastern Jerusalem. The purpose of the Jerusalem program is to deal with the phenomenon of teaching hatred and negative labels that encourage violence.

The Jerusalem Educational Interreligious Leadership Program is the first of its kind which enables structured dialogue within a consistent meeting framework, between Jewish (nationally religious) and Muslim residents of Jerusalem. The creation of a joint meeting platform between educators from both parts of the city is exceptional in and of itself.

The program aims to provide necessary knowledge, information and tools for the mutual understanding of another religious/cultural background. The multi-dimensional model developed by the Mosaica Center was applied to this program. It is an educationally based project that enriches the participants with a deeper understanding of all issues in dispute while learning to cope with the challenge of paving a path of dialogue, confidence and trust between the Jewish and Muslim communities.

A formative and custom-designed evaluation follows the program from its inception. It assesses the extent to which the objectives of the program and lessons learned realize the action plan in accordance with the design of the model.