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MANDAT Religious Leaders Program

MANDAT2The MANDAT Program is a religious encounter framework made up of Zionist Rabbis and Southern Islamic Movement Sheikhs, who wish to create a positive dialogue and cooperation between Jews and Muslims in Israel.

Mosaica believes that religious leaders hold unique tools and a common religious discourse that can cope with stress and crisis between Jews and Muslims and help prevent critical situations that are religious in nature. Examples of past religious/national crises include: the October 2000 riots that followed the Al-Aqsa Intifada, the October 2005 issue of the archaeological excavations on the Temple Mount, events that exploded in Acre in October 2008 based on a national/religious background, the establishment of a "Museum of Tolerance" in Jerusalem on part of an ancient Muslim cemetery and other looming issues of religious nature.


  • Philosophical and Spiritual Study exploring religious law in both Judaism and Islam through the joint study of religious texts and their place in history as well as the corpus of commentary on various works;
  • Experiential Learning involves interpersonal and intergroup discourse which enables both sides to cope with sensitive issues for each group;
  • Studies in Jewish/Islamic Legal Thought as it relates to the contemporary challenges of both religions residing in Israel.