The Mosaica Center Logo


Mosaica was established in 2002 by Rabbi Michael Melchior, Professor Elie Wiesel and Professor Aviad HaCohen, to promote the principles of conflict transformation between peoples, nations and communities based on religious discourse, universal values and the Jewish tradition of mutual respect, reconciliation and justice.

The organization’s vision recognizes the multicultural environment in which we live. Consequently the complexity of identities, cultures and religions in this region impacts the nature in which individuals, groups, communities and nations conflict. It is this mosaic of components that are the key to the settlement and resolution of disputes.

This vision is the foundation for the 2 Mosaica Centers:

The Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement:

A highly professional organization which fosters understandings and agreements between individuals, organizations, groups and communities. The center specializes in a variety of conflict resolution methods from arbitration, consensus building to the acquirement of tools for effective relationships and constructive communication. The Center for Conflict Resolution by Agreement.

The Religious Peace Initiative