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webMichael Melchior 2012 opt Rabbi Michael Melchior is a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (1999 - 2002) and Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Sport (2005). Today he is a leading advocate for social justice in Israel, education for all, Jewish-Arab reconciliation and co-existence, protection of the environment, and Israel-Diaspora relations. Rabbi Melchior is one of the architects of the first summit for Interreligious Middle East Peace Initiative held in Alexandria in 2002 and a leading figure in the field of interreligious diplomacy which aims to bring change in the Jewish-Muslim discourse.

Sheikh Abdullah Nimer Darwish is the President of the Adam Center for Interreligious Dialogue in Kfar Kasem. He is a graduate of the Shari’a Institute of Nablus (1971) and founded the Islamic Movement in Israel (1971). In the late 1970’s, Sheikh Abdallah organized an underground group lead by young Muslims. The Sheik was detained and incarcerated until his release in 1985. During his time in prison, he consolidated his political doctrine that calls for Israeli Arabs to actively work at achieving their minority rights within the law by integrating into state institutions.  Since Sheikh Abdallah’s release as part of the Jibril agreement, he has worked to indoctrinate the Arab population with the values of peace and coexistence and recognition of a two state solution, even prior to the Oslo Talks. In 1996 he founded the United Arab List whose representatives still serve as Knesset members until the present. In 2001, President Yasser Arafat appointed him head of the Interreligious Council and today he continues to work towards peace through the Adam Center in Kfar Kassem.
 avigisser1 Rabbi Avraham Gisser is an ordained rabbi from Jerusalem’s Merkaz Harav Yeshiva and holds a law degree from Bar-Ilan University. He is Rabbi for the town of Ofra since 1990. In 2000, Rabbi Gisser founded the Mishpetay Eretz Institute – the Institute for Halacha and Law of which he is head. Rabbi Gisser is also Council head for the state religious educational system and is also a member of "Tsohar", the rabbinical council of religious Zionism.
 imad1 Sheikh Imad Abed Al-Hamid Al-Falouji is the Chairman of the Adam Center for Dialogue of Civilizations in Gaza. Born in the Jabalya Camp (Gaza) he holds an Engineering degree and was one of the five founders of Hamas and movement spokesperson. Sheikh Imad was detained and incarcerated by the IDF from 1991-1993 and was released as part of the Oslo Accords. He served as the Minister of Post and Telecommunications in the unity governments in 1996-2002. In 2009, President Abbas appointed him as a member of the Islamic-Christian commission for patronizing Jerusalem and the holy sites. Today, Sheikh Imad is an independent leader in Gaza, and is widely accepted by the various Palestinian branches and sections in Gaza and the West Bank. He works to promote religious peace values in cooperation with Mosaica.
 blehman1 Rabbi Benjamin Lehman is a graduate of Jerusalem's Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva and Netiv Meir. He is an educator and a clinical psychologist and specializes in teaching Jewish Philosophy and Talmud. He has taught at "The Lindenbaum Academy for Girls", the "Herzog Institution” in  Alon Shvut and is currently a staff member at the Har Etzion Yeshiva, teaching Jewish Philosophy. Rabbi Lehman works as clinical psychologist in private practice in Jerusalem.
 raed1 Sheikh Raed Badir is the Executive Director of the Adam Center for Interreligious Dialogue in Kfar Kasem and is a prominent leader in the Islamic Movement in Israel. Sheikh Raed is the leading Islamic law (Shari’a) arbitrator and member of the southern branch of the Palestinian Ulama Council. Sheik Raed is an attorney, trained in Shari’a representing clients in religious court  on personal and family matters. He holds an MA in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence from An-Najah University, Nablus, and a BA in Islamic Law and Arabic Literature.
ezat jaradat Dr. Izzat Jaradat is the former Jordanian Minister of Education and today is the Secretary General for the World Muslim Conference for Jerusalem as well as a member of the Economic and Social Welfare Council of Jordan.
drmaher Judge Dr. Maher Alian Ahmed Khudair holds a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence from the Cairo University. Dr. Maher is a Supreme Court Justice and a member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Courts, in Gaza. He has authored several books dealing with jurisprudence, finance and divorce.



Members who passed away

abed1 Dr. Abed Abd Al-Rahman was the Director of the Adam Center in East Jerusalem and holds a PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the St. Joseph University, Lebanon. Dr. Abdl Rahman holds the position of Secretariat of the Palestinian Ulama Council (from 2007 to present) and served as Head of Humanities, Arabic and Religious Department of the UNRWA University. Dr. Abdl Rahman has taught Arabic literature and religion at Al Quds, Hebron and other universities locally and was an accomplished author of 66 books dealing with a myriad of non-fiction topics, short stories for adults and children, and three novels.



 roie Roie Ravitzky, Director - Relgious Peace Initiative
 Untitled  Maayan Raveh, Project Manager - Relgious Peace Initiative
 Evan  Evan Muney, Director of Development and Operations